Agashiye House of MG :Fine Gujarati Dining at Heritage Restaurant

Agashiye- House of MG” which means “terrace” in Gujarati is an iconic terrace restaurant at House of MG.  House of MG is a luxurious boutique hotel located at the walled city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This Heritage Haveli built in 1924 by the textile tycoon of those days Seth Mangaldas Giridhardas .  Mangaldas Girdhardas started his career as a Storekeeper of a textile mill and eventually ended up by becoming the owner of manyagashiye house mg textile mills along with his brother Chimanlal.  This haveli was abondoned later on as their family shifted to another house.  It was in the year of 2006 when Abhay Mangaldas, the great grandson of Mangaldas Girdhardas renovated a part of the house and opened it as a boutique hotel.

agashiye house mgSince then , “Agashiye- House of MG” serves authentic gujarati thali and ranked as one of the “Ten Best Restaurants in India” by both Trip Advisor and NDTV.  Therefore, your visit to Ahmedabad is incomplete without experiencing the food & hospitality at Agashiye.

Agashiye- House of MG is famous for Gujarati Thali & also for its classicagashiye house mg ambience.  There are two sitting spaces one in open where you can easily gaze through open sky with your friends and family. & another under the roof. The night view for dinner on terrace is amazingly beautiful under the bright sky with designed candle light. You start to feel like you are at some exotic location out of ahmedabad rush and traffic even when it is situated at a crowded location. 

At Agashiye- House of MG , starters are served in open space while having quality time viewing the walled city & open sky. We were served Pineapple Beet Sherbat along with Capsicum wada & Sandwich Dhokla. agashiye house of mgLater on  we moved to a dining room which is air conditioned for a main course.  Main course is served in neatly laid Silver Plated thali & number of katoris all waiting to be filled up with exotic gujarati dishes. within no time, our dish was filled with Fudina Bateka, Makkai Bhuraji, Turia Patra, Desi channa,Fada lapsi, Kheer,Phulka Roti, Chola Methi na Pudala, Bhakhri, Rice , Gujarati dal, Khichdi , Gujarati Kadhi, Makkai Bhel,Dudhi na muthiya by extremely warm and courteous staff.  The Hot piping Kadhi was  liked by all of us as we were having sore throat & was extremely soothing. 

Agashiye- House of MG is a landmark place so far as Gujarati Food at Ahmedabad is concerned.  The quality of food and ambiance is excellent.  It was an amazing experience of fine dining on the roof top of colonial style mansion (Haveli), replete with courtyards and verandahs you find pleasant surprises around every corner at the House of MG.  Surrounded by a lush greenery & light, everything at Agashiye- House of MG pampers you with royalty.  unending serving by continuously hovering staff & ambience although makes the price worth but I still don’t find any justification to choose Deluxe Thali which is charged at Rs.1250/- & Normal thali at Rs.850/-.  Not enough difference really although we choose Deluxe Thali in honor of our guests. Wi-Fi is not available for guests of Agashiye- House of MG.  It is only available for Guests who stays at MG.  Something surprising…

All major hotel aggregators rank The House of MG in top ten. It has won TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice award for three years in a row.



agashiye house mg

agashiye house mg


agashiye house mg


Where : The House of Mangaldas Girdhardas, Opp. Sidi Saiyad Jali, Lal Darwaja Ahmedabad-380001.Gujarat, INDIA.

Tel Nos :  Tel: +91-79-25506946   Fax: +91-79-25506535

Directions :

Social Responsibility : Agashiye- House of MG responsibly maintains cleanliness and supports Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
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Agashiye House of MG :Fine Gujarati Dining at Heritage Restaurant

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