Anakut – Gujarati Ethnic Restaurant of Ahmedabad.

Anakut is a Traditional themed restaurant serving Gujarati Lunch & Dinner located in Corporate area of Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad.  When you enter Anakut Restaurant surrounded by modern buildings, the atmosphere changes dramatically.  Immediately you feel the essence of Gujarati Culture right from sitting arrangements to interiors.  Walls are decorated with antique style mirrors, wooden carved pillars and so on.  Table mats are also made from bamboo and piped with traditional bandhani cloth.  All staff is also dressed up in traditional attire.

anakut sign board

Today, being Bhai Dooj, I visited this place with my sister and parents.  Due to festive season, this place too was crowded today and lot of people waiting for their turn.  Once you take your seat, you see a bamboo basket covered with big dry leaf.  On turning this leaf, you discover 4-5 bowls of traditional sweets like ladoo, sweet ghughra and snacks like ganthiya sprinkled with black salt and chat papdi. 

traditional sweet basket at anakut

After few moments, you are served Appetizing sherbet made from natural ingredients like, mint, ginger, black salt ,pepper and a ting of sugar along with chaat.   

chat at anakut

While you are refreshing yourself with appetizer and settling in the traditional atmosphere, server lands in and sets a big bronze plate with 7 bowls are laid on table indicating that true hospitality round of Gujarati Tradition is about to start now.

thali at anakut

Hospitality starts with serving farsan like Dhokla sprinkling dry spices and a spoonful of oil on it and batata vada. Thereafter another server ropes in with Cream Salad & Dudhi Halva followed by vegetables like bhindi, moong, potato & ridge gourd.  Next serving was dahi wada, daal or kadhi.  Fried Mathiya was served breaking the tradition of serving Papad. Once all the accompaniments are served, the last serving is of Rotis indicating for a start.

Mathiya is a sort of papad made from the flour of matki or muth.  This is a special diwali snack attains a very distinct, rich and nutty flavor once fried. It is generally spiced with pepper, red chilies etc. It is    prepared in almost every house of Central Gujarat. Mathiya is Patidar essential snack and NRI’s from Khedia, Nadiad & Anand district of Gujarat stock this essential snack while overseas.  Uttarsanda village house almost 35 home based manufacturing of Mathiya whose turnover exceeds Rs. 70 crores a year.

Once we started our lunch, it was seamless supply of all items amidst such a crowd during festive season.  The moment you indicate your finish with rice and dal/kadhi, server will come with a copper pan to help you wash your hands.  Thereafter you are served pan (green leaf filled with digestive spices like clove, betel, cardamom etc).

Verdict :

Vegetables, kadhi, Dhokla, Batata wada was delicious.  I liked their innovative idea of making mini batata wada.  Smaller size possibly gives better frying resulting in crispy soft taste.  So far as Dahi Wada is concerned, wada seemed to be overly soaked in water which was finding difficulty in absorbing dahi.  I didn’t like dudhi halva too…it also seemed to have been made from boiling grated dudhi first and then mixing with sugar and khoya. Service was amazingly seamless despite heavy footfalls of customers in festive days. 

Considering above, it appears to be pricey compared to the quality and variety of food their peers serve in the same locality.  This place can be an option if you live nearby and want your guests to be treated in ethnic restaurant.

Location :


Ground Floor, Sanidhya A,

100 Ft Rod, Near Platinum Hall,

Anandnagar, Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

Tel : 079 4032 4031

Timings : 11:30 am to 03:15 pm & 7:30 pm to 10:15 pm


batata wada and dhokla at anakut

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Anakut – Gujarati Ethnic Restaurant of Ahmedabad.

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