Bruschetta : Where Bread Becomes Magic at Fozzie’s pizzaiolo.

brustolina grill for making bruschettaBruschetta is an antipasto (Starter Plate) from Italy. It was earlier prepared in the month of November to taste the new season oil.  Bruschetta  was earlier prepared by grilling bread rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil & salt. It was also an attempt to salvage bread that was going stale. Italians used to improve the shelf life of bread by way of rubbing with garlic and oil. It is normally prepared using brustolina grill in Italy.  However, electric oven is widely used outside Italy. Bruschetta is known as fettunta in Tuscany. This variation does not have any toppings except the olive oil. Fettunta is actually served in November and is meant for tasting the season’s first oil.

With the passage of time, this dish has evolved with toppings of tomato, vegetables, beans, cured meat and cheese.  The most popular and common dish across the world is topping with tomatoes.  However, the chefs experiment with basil, fresh tomato, garlic, onion, mozzarella, herbs and so on…

Learn how to say it before first bite of Bruschetta :

Since it is Italian word, we first need to learn its pronunciation. Say BROO-SKET-TA. That’s correct. Now repeat again BROO-SKET-TA by rolling that little R and you are perfect. This word comes from the Italian verb “Brusciare”, which means “to burn” or “To Tost”. So Bruschetta is simply a toast rubbed with garlic and olive oil. What you put on top of it depends on the creativity of the Chef.

It will taste better if you know story behind Fozzies Pizzaiolo :

fozzies Pizzaiolo

Fozzies is devised from Surname of the promoter Fozdar and Pizzaiolo is a greek term for male pizza baker ( Pizzaiola or Pizzaiolas if its female pizza baker). Pronounciation piz-za-iò-lo So is a Parth Fozdar , owner-cum-chef of Fozzies Pizzaiolo, Hospitality & Culinary Graduate who has worked as a chef at one of the most exquisite fine dine restaurants in Switzerland and a head chef at Silver Sands Holiday Resort, Goa and now turned entrepreneur making people of Ahmedabad mad after Italian Cuisines.

Friends of ours are raving about Fozzies Pizzaiolo, an Italian restaurant in western Ahmedabad. They’ve eaten there many times and say the food is authentic, very good, and reasonably priced, that the atmosphere is “homey,” and that Parth the owner takes care of everything personally. Parth Fozdar was personally complemented by Tennis Star Roger Federer for making delicious Italian Meal in Switzerland.

Excited with this background of Fozzie’s Pizzaiolo, Lets experience the ambiance, food & hospitality of Parth Fozdar…

 I had an opportunity to review Fozzies Pizzaiolo during “Red FM ka Thappa” The restaurant consists of 3 simple but attractively furnished halls and so it gives every guests a space and privacy even when it’s full. It feels like parth has created a home that you’ve been invited into. This place is filled with natural light. Central Hall also consists of Children Play Area so if you are coming with kids, this is a place you should opt for.  Right side sitting area gives a beautiful view of busy road of SG Highway.  If it’s a casual hangout with friends and has intention to relish Italian Food with an eye on road view, this is a perfect place for you.  Left side sitting area is for those seeking privacy with special ones….sort of no disturb area….

road facing sitting area at fozziesRoad Facing sitting Area at Fozzies Pizzaiolo where you can hangout with friends with an eye on bustling roads.

Central Sitting Area at Fozzies Pizzaiolo Central Sitting Area.

left side sitting area at Central Sitting Area at Fozzies Pizzaiolo

We were served Bruschetta, Pesto Tapenada Bruschetta,Chippzies, ACTC, Bruno, Risotto Rice & Fatty Non Sense.

Bruschetta was topped with Diced Tomatoes, Basil, Red & Yellow Bell Pepper & Grated Parmesan Cheese. Pesto Tapenada Bruschetta a great combination of Pesto Sauce & Parmesan Cheese. The taste of Bruschetta was marvelous. Soft & Cruncy, Sour & Salty…Smooth with Parmesan.

Although there are about 400 varieties of cheese, Parmesan Cheese (originating from Provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena & Mantua of Italy) is called King of all Cheese. Parmesan is a protected designation of origin.

 Chippzies (Pizza Chips) served with dips made from  Multi Layered sauces.

Thereafter, the servings of 2 varieties of Pizza – Bruno which seemed to contain baby corn, basil, onion, red bell pepper & cherry Tomato & another one ACTC containing bell pepper, jalapenos, olives, sundried tomatoes, onion, garlic & bocconcini.

We were also served their specialty pizza Fatty Non Sense – an unusual pizza made with the magic of fries, cheese sauce, salsa, basil & jalapenos.

Thereafter a round of Mascarpone Cheese & Tomato Risotto in main course was served and at last Majestic Scoop of Vanila topped with Chocolate Sauce.

Do you know that Italians are known to take their food very seriously? So is the attempt of Parth Fozdar to take every order seriously.  In a quest for serving quality products he has excelled in preparing most of the ingredients in-house under his sincere supervision.

Conclusion :

The Crunch from the grilled bread, sweetness from tomatoes & Basil, Sour taste of Pesto & delicious grated parmesan cheese sets off all your taste buds. If you are vegetarian you don’t need anything else and you should really love it.  I thought the oil would make it taste too heavy and mask the taste of toppings but the resulting flavors were fantastic.  By far the best Bruschetta I have ever tasted.

Chippzies were delicious too especially with generous use of Dips having multi layer of many sausages

The Pizzas are baked in Coal Fired Ovens which gives addictive smoky flavor but the crust of the Bruno got burnt in a few select places which gave a weirdly charcoal taste. Toppings were little sparse which gave a feelings of chewing just base..

ACTC was topped with healthy amount of bell pepper, jalapenos, olives, sundried tomatoes, onion, garlic & little bites of unripened mild cheese – bocconcini. Flavors & toppings were excellent.

Fatty Non Sense although an unusual pizza made with the innovative use of fries, cheese sauce, salsa, basil & jalapenos, I opine that fries does not go well on pizza. It disturbs the harmony of other ingredients. It can be No Non Sense without Fries.

Risotto was perfectly prepared with Mascarpone Cheese – an Italian Cream used to thicken & enrich Risotto. It was perfectly cooked with tomatoes to a creamy consistency. Simply Yummy.

Overall Review :

Their delicious food is so inviting. All of the food was extremely fresh and you can tell it is cooked to order. The cozy atmosphere makes it a perfect place to eat and bond with a family. Serving staff are friendly and cheerful. It seems like they are having good time. Dressed neatly & prompt in service. If you want a good Italian meal this is my choice, you can’t go wrong. Proudly Supports Swatch Bharat Abhiyan.

P.S. : Bruchetta is Healthy :

Bruschetta uses a drizzle of olive oil, which according to Harvard School of Public Health, consists of unsaturated heart-healthy fats capable of lowering heart diseases and LDL or bad cholesterol. Every teaspoon of this oil contains 4.5 gm unsaturated fat. These unsaturated fats consist of monounsaturated fats which help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and improves blood pressure. Traces amounts of vitamins K and E are also present in one teaspoon of the oil. So essentially Bruschetta is a very healthy appetizer that is ideal for those who are on a mission to kill obesity. Basically it is good for everyone who is willing stay healthy.

 children play area at fozziesdishes being baked in coal fired oven at fozziessatyen gadhvi ranjit gadhvi with chefs of fozziesitalian dishes backed in coal ovenfood critic satyen gadhvi at fozzies front deskusage of pure ingredients for pizzared fm ka thappa winner fozzies for italian fooditalian pizza at fozziespizza at fozziesmiddle sitting place at fozzieslasangaOpener collection at fozzies

Location : 

Fozzie’s Pizzaiolo,

G4, Maruti Crystal,

Opp. Rajpath Club, S G Highway


Tel : +91-79-40092213

Cell : +91-9638136338

email :

Timings : 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM

Map : 

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  1. I LOVE bruschetta and have been making it for years! I’ve never made it with bell pepper though, which sounds pretty interesting. The other dishes sound good too, though I agree with you that fries are a little weird on pizza! I see it a lot though!

  2. Fozzies sounds like an amazing restaurant. I definitely want to try the bruschetta
    Fozzies sounds like an amazing restaurant. I definitely want to try the bruschetta!

  3. Great post. I had an extremely hard time pronouncing Bruschetta until I run into the break down LOL, well thank you for that. You made my reading easy:) WHat a great review of Fozzies, I would visit them just because of their children’s play area. You cannot go wrong having it, as most people are always seeking to alleviate the pressure of having kids hang with them.

Bruschetta : Where Bread Becomes Magic at Fozzie’s pizzaiolo.

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