F for Frankie at Frankie Sta- a roll that is changing food habits.

Frankie means Frankie Sta.  Frankie also known as Food Wraps or Kathi Roll in West Bengal is a big, fat roll stuffed with veggies, paneer, Noodles mounted with variety of sauces.  Frankie (Food Wraps or Kathi Roll) offered by Frankie Sta is extremely tasty and every bite comes with an explosion of flavors to please your taste buds.

frankie kathi roll wraps

This Food Truck offers variety of Food Wraps makes it difficult to settle down on one. Its’s spicy, tangy with sweet notes sometimes & this combination of tastes in a single wraps drives huge crowds from many corners of Ahmedabad to Frankie Sta.

Frankie Sta Van Pic

Assorted goodness of filling covered with Soft & Crispy Wrap is big enough for one person for a meal. Normal complaint about this dish is that its too oily..However the problem seems to have solved at Frankie Sta.  Here you will not find the base too oily..

When the stomach growls and I want to have quick bite there is only one place that starts ringing in my mind is Frankie Sta.

Frankie sta Logo

An economical place with more than 62 types of Frankies to choose from.  They also have Jain & Swaminarayan Option.  I recommend Manchurian Barbeque , Paneer Tandoori & Paneer Noodles Mint .

Reasonably priced from Rs.40 to 160 , I have been visiting this place since 2 years and every visit to this place have never let me down on my expectations.

Refreshing History of Frankie :

Frankie is also called Wraps in some part of the world.  Mexicans & Greeks have been eating wraps since 1900s.  Mexican calls it Tacos.  The term “Tacos” is believed to have evolved from the word Tacos which was used by Mexican Miners for gun powder wrapped in a paper.   Another thought believes that Taco is derived fron Nahuati word Tlahco meaning “Half or “In the middle”  

However, In West Bengal Nizam Restaurant started serving wraps in the name of Kati Roll also called Kathi Roll in 1932.  Now a day, any filling enfolded in Roti is called Kati Roll, however, it first started with Roasted Kebab wrapped in a Paratha. In Bengali the word Kati means “Stick”.  However, it is widely known as ROLL.

The story also goes that hurried office commuters wanted something quick and portable to eat, whereas some are of the opinion that Babus of British Raj were reluctant to touch the kebab and therefore, cooks at Nizam decided to roll kebabs. One another story runs is that there used to be huge rush during a lunch time at Nizam’s and the restaurant often ran out of plates.  So that restaurant’s innovative management decided to serve the traditional paratha rolled and stuffed with Kebab to overcome the lack of plates.   Thus the kati roll was born.  Since then Kati Roll or Frankie has become a signature dish of West Bengal. In west Bengal, shops serving Kati roll are mostly known as “Roll-er-dokaan”.


Location : 

Frankie Sta (Food Truck)

Opp. Karnavati Club,


Timings : 7:00 pm till 12:00 Hrs.

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F for Frankie at Frankie Sta- a roll that is changing food habits.

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