An affair with Fruit Platter @Sundar Fruit Center.

Fruit Platter and that too of exotic fruits will surely bring smile to your face during fasting days right?

All religions may it be Hindu, Islam, Christianity or Jainism has given utmost importance for fasting. It is believed that fasting helps to deepen relationship between body & soul and ultimately God. Shravan is a month of Fasting in Hinduism. Ayurveda also believes that fasting (upvasa) is extremely helpful in detoxifying body and regain health. 

क्रोधादिपरित्यागः सत्याद्युपादानं च, वचनं हि– 

“उपावृत्तस्य पापेभ्यः सहवासो गुणे हि यः|उपवासः स विज्ञेयोनशरीरस्य शोषणम्” इति;

|| १. दीर्घञ्जीवितीयोऽध्यायः ६||

By fasting, one gets disassociated with anger, greed, illsion, derire and hatred and thereby gives great relief  from both his physical and mental stress!

According to Ayurveda, when we fast, our body uses glycogen reserves (stored sugar). White blood cells increases, immunity gets boosted and inflammation of inner layers of digestive system decreases.  Liver converts stored fats and non-essential tissues into ketones to fulfill the supply of energy to brain and heart.  This stage is reached on the 3rd day of fasting in men and 2nd day in women.  At this stage the sensation of hunger vanishes and many people experience increased energy level at this stage.  From 4th & 7th day of fasting, hormonal levels are balances, excess fat and damaged tissues are burnt and clarity of mind is experienced. Consuming fruits during fasting month of Shravan helps to detoxify your body.


fruit platter at sundar fruit centre gujarat college road, ahmedabad

Food habit also reflects the attitudes and beliefs of society. It also indicates historical and current understanding of people. The rise of fruitries in Ahmedabad selling diced fruits & juices shows the rising consciousness about healthy foods. Street Food is actually a beginning of career path towards success in food business. And the same has happened with 2 guys belonging to Sikar, Rajasthan – Illiyas & Nuruddin.

Iliyas & Nuruddin seems to have played instrumental role in creating fruit awareness in Ahmedabad.  These guys have been selling fruits since 25 years under the name of “Sundar Fruit Center” Nr. Khadi Sarita, Gujarat College Road, Ahmedabad.

satyen gadhvi at sundar fruit centre

They initially started selling fruit platter containing only water melon and then added pineapple.  They used to diced and chilled watermelon plate at Rs.5/- at that time recalls Iliyas.  Later on they introduced exotic imported fruits like Kiwi, Dragon, California Grapes, Royal Gala Apple from New Zealand, strawberry, green anjir, raspberry & Litchi imported from Thailand, Egyptian Oranges. A Mix of all above fruits depending on availability and season are served chilled. Fruit platter now is served at Just Rs.100/-

Apart from mixed fruit platter, they also sell fresh juices & coconut water. They now sell 1500 kgs of fruits daily.  High standards of hygiene attracts trendy crowd to relish Exotic, Natural, Juicy fruits right from 12 to 12.

Given the news about high rate of adulteration in farali items sold during the holy month of shravan, I recommend to relish on Exotic fruits served at “Sundar Fruit Center”  and regain health.

sundar fruit centre counter

fruit platter at sundar fruit centre ahmedabad


Location :

Sundar Fruit Center,

Gujarat College Road, Nr. Khadi Sarita, Ahmedabad.

Map :

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An affair with Fruit Platter @Sundar Fruit Center.

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