La Vista, Hotel Cama

La Vista is a Spanish word which means “The View”.  On the banks of the Sabarmati River Front lies  Cama Hotel and you will be delighted to see some great view of lush green lawns & swimming pool amidst Thin lines of river if you sit near windows. 

Hotel Cama house two restaurants “Silver Leaf” at the ground floor & “La Vista” at 1st floor.  Silver Leaf is a 24 Hour coffee shop where you are served Indian Tawa Items alongwith Continental, Mexican cuisines.  La Vista is a multi-cuisine restaurant having its own beauty.  The moment you enter the reception area at the first floor, you start getting the feel of Hospitality and instantly evoke an image of serenity and calmness.  After passing beautiful corridor, here comes the inviting entrance of “La Vista” on your left side. 

dinning area of la vista hotel cama ahmedabad

The walls covered with veneer, carefully placed lamp shades, wrought-iron chandelier, use of rich textiles and carpets,  gives you the feel of right harmony of colors, textures and elements surrounding you.

This is Ahmedabad’s first 4 Star Luxury Hotel since 1960 for which Rustom Cama dreamt of. He made this possible with the help of the then Mayor of Ahmedabad Shri Chinnubhai Chimanlal Sheth and Architect Charles Correa. Correa was a major figure in contemporary architecture around the world. With his extraordinary and inspiring designs, he played a pivotal role in the creation of an architecture for post-Independence India. This is the reason why you feel special while entering Cama. Jahangir Son of Rustom Cama who studied automobile engineering in London joined his father’s business. Cama was opened for business just a day before the state of Gujarat was formed.

Stunning though it may be, you cannot eat the scenery, so what’s for dinner? 

We ordered Chicken Clear Soup, Kebab Platter, Dhansak, Murgh Tikka, Garlic Naan, Lacha Paratha & Chaaassss (any meal is incomplete without buttermilk in our kathiawad).

Chicken Clear Soup with mostly root vegetables had smaller, shreeded pieces of chicked.  This was amazingly fragrant, golden, savory soup what we want to eat at winter nights.  

clear chicken soup at la vista hotel cama ahmedabad

A mixed platter of hot Kebab which contained seekh kebab which was tender, Juicy and perfectly cooked.  Kebab is a sensitive dish which can spoil the name of establishment if not prepared with utmost care. Kebabs were accompanied by  tandoori chicken & fish which were equally delicious.

grilled chicken at la vista hotel cama ahmedabad

Dhansak Brown Rice Mutton : It is  traditional high protein  Parsi delicacy where mutton is cooked with panchmel dal and served with fried rice topped with golden brown onions .  Dhansak is not a celebratory dish.  Parsis traditionally abstain themselves from non-veg food for the first three days after death.  On fourth day, Dhansak is made which  signifies that mourning is over. Dhansak combines elements of Persian and gujarati cuisine as it is made by cooking mutton with a mixture of lentils and vegetables. “Dhan” is Persion/Urdu word for “Seed” which refers to grains or legumes and “Sak” in gujarati means green vegetables.

Dhansak at La Vista was perfectly cooked having a balance of spices with soft notes of ginger,asafetida & Cummins.

Parsi Dhansak at la vista hotel cama ahmedabad

brown rice at la vista hotel cama ahmedabad

Murgh Tikka with gravy – Pieces of chicken marinated with Indian Spices & Cooked in Tandoor was Okay.

delicious murg tikka at la vista hotel cama ahmedabad

Garlic Naan – Flavorful, Soft & Crispy.

garlic naan at la vista hotel cama ahmedabad

Lacha Paratha : Soft perfectly lacha.


lacha paratha at la vista hotel cama ahmedabad

The Space The walls covered with veneer, carefully placed lamp shades, wrought-iron chandelier, use of rich textiles and carpets, gives you the feel of right harmony of colors, textures and elements surrounding you. The Thrill, The Hope begins at the door itself. Wheelchair accessible.

The Crowd  Business Travelers & Local fans of food at Cama.

What We Liked  Chicken Clear Soup, Kebab Platter & Dhansak.

We Missed : Such a wonderful interior taking back to your memories.. this venue needs light music to set the mood for diners.

If You Go Open daily, Today  7 AM to 10 AM, 12 Noon to 2:30 PM, 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM. Parking available at Hotel.

Gratitude : Serving Staff on Duty Mr. Chandrakant Chaudhary, Mr. Narendra & Mr. Rajesh served us with a great smile which made the food taste more delicious and visit memorable.

Ratings  Very Good


Cama Hotel, Khanpur Road, Bhadra, Ahmedabad

Tel : 079 25601234, 079 66071700

Directions :

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La Vista , Hotel Cama, Ahmedabad.
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La Vista, Hotel Cama

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