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M F Hussain on Lucky Tea AhmedabadLucky Restaurant Lal Darwaja Ahmedabad was a favorite destination for renowned artist M F Hussain. “When I come back to India, I would naturally be drawn to Ahmedabad, and one of the first things I would like to do is have a cup of hot tea at the Lucky Restaurant at Lal Darwaja Ahmedabad. This is a tradition I have rarely broken in almost four decades that I have been visiting Ahmedabad. There have been times when I have landed in Ahmedabad and taken an autorickshaw straight to Lucky Restaurant. From there, I have called up friends to come and pick me up,” M F Husain had said.


Lucky Restaurant Lal Darwaja Ahmedabad is probably the only Chai Shop in India having an Original M F Hussain Artifacts on its wall.  Lucky is famous for an aromatic strong chai made with generous use of whole fat milk & sugar.  It is known for its rich, creamy consistency of Tea.  Customers normally prefer to eat maska bun with Special Tea.  Masaka bun is a soft bread filled with thick layer of white unsalted fresh butter topped with fruit jam of different flavor. Tea & Masaka Bun makes a right boost of caffeine and calories for people visiting walled city of Ahmedabad from far away suburbs of City.

Lucky Restaurant lal darwaja ahmedabadWhile the exact details of graves are not available with anyone at Lucky, Historians presume that they are the resting place of relatives of a 16th Century Sufi Saint whose tomb lies nearby. Lucky Restaurant has been witnessing Major Political events of Gujarat including Nav Nirman Andolan of 1974 being within vicinity of Political Head Quarters of Indian National Congress & Bhartiya Janta Party.

Chai (Tea) is almost a National Drink of India and preferred every day across the world, but do you know that until the 19th Century, tea as you consume today, was not as popular like today?  The Masala Tea has undergone lot of changes since 5000 years of Indian Civilizations.

The earliest variant closest to current Masala Tea can be traced in the traditional Kadha which was used for its medicinal purposes in Ayurveda. Spices & Herbs were brewed and consumed at that time without adding milk or tea leaves.

Thereafter it is believed that concoction of Tea Leaves was developed by KingLucky restaurant lal darwaja ahmedabad Harshvardhana enable him to remain alert through the long courtly affairs.  It is also learnt that Lal Chai ( concoction of tea leaves without milk) was served as a welcome drink during the reign of King Ahom of Assam.

According to Historians Milk was added by Traders of Bengal & Gujarat who had better access to spices & good Quality milk.  Tea Leaves & Spices were added to give milk a flavor.

The another version also says that tea leaves being most expensive ingredient, vendors started combining milk, sugar and spices to give their beverage the much needed flavor and keeping costs down.

To promote the consumption of Chai in India and to earn more from Tea Gardens owned by Britishers, The Indian Tea Association which was owned by Britishers encouraged factory, textile mills and mines to introduce tea breaks for their workers, where they sold the tea at cheap prices.  The addictive quality of this drink made it the popular beverage soon.  Sooner, vendors seeling chai were lined up on railway stations too providing energy to worn-out travelers.

Chai shops soon became the new hangout spots where people met and discussed their daily affairs and socialize.

Lucky Restaurant Lal Darwaja Ahmedabad  is a most prominent hangout spots in old city of Ahmedabad where people right from M F Hussai to common men meet, discuss and socialize over a cup of tea.

How to Reach Lucky Restaurant : 


Lucky Restaurant lal darwaja Ahmedbad responsibly maintains cleanliness and supports Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

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Lucky Restaurant, Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad |Tea with the dead

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