Getting Well at Nimba Nature Cure : Wellness Vacation

Nimba Nature Cure Village insists on natural healing through organic diet & ancient holistic treatments.  Central Gujarat offers the best climate which is perfect for faster healing process as per Ayurveda. Food and lifestyle routines are considered the most important medicine at Nimba Nature Cure Village. The village is spread over acres of lush green land.  At Nimba Nature Cure Village, Naturopathy is treated very seriously and only vegetarian food is served.  Outside Food, Alcohol & Smoking is strictly prohibited.  Guests are also encouraged to participate in early morning Meditation & Yoga Sessions with wake up call at 05:00 am.  The village has its own organic garden, swimming pool & meditation cave. Packages are available for numerous health concerns ranging from diabetes to detox and rejuvenation. Every therapy at Nimba Nature Cure Village is personal and customized, often combined with yoga and other methods to provide deep healing from within. Even the food is served according to individual requirements. The aim, according to the resort, is to give guests a chance to start their lives over again and be reborn.

Nimba Nature Cure Village Offers Unique Raaga Therapy 

nimba nature cure village-raaga therapyNimba Nature Cure Village offers unique Raaga Therapy for complete mind and body restoration. It is believed that music possess curative role & listening to specific kind of music keep our body balances & infection free.

According to an ancient Indian Swara Sastra, the seventy-two melakarta ragas (parent ragas ) control the 72 important nerves in the body. It is believed that if one sings with due devotion, adhering to the raga lakshana (norms) and sruti shuddhi, (pitch purity) the raga could affect the particular nerve in the body in a favorable manner.

While the descending notes in a raga (avarohana) do create inward-oriented feelings, the ascending notes (arohana) represent an upward mobility. Certain ragas do have a tendency to move the listeners, both emotionally as well as physically. An involuntary nod of the head, limbs or body could synchronize with lilting tunes when played.

The Naturopath team at Nimba Nature Cure Village strongly believes that to treat any disease, balance of five elements Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Ether also called Panch Mahabhutas is must to retain health.  Therefore, all therapies at Nimba Nature Cure Village is targeted to balance Panch Mahabhutas.

Nimba Nature Cure Village also offer guests to buy authentic natural products at “Veda Shop”. Teachers & Doctors are properly trained and the staff is very caring at Nimba Nature Cure Village.

Due to extreme winters, Kapha and Vata will be increased and collected inside the body.  This gets liquefied and starts spreading all over the body during the onset of Summer. This leads to Kapha and Vata increase and may worsen asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, other types of arthritis such as gout,  body heaviness, migraines, indigestion, allergic skin and respiratory conditions, etc.

As we get older, we “shrink and dry out”. Vata increase as we get older and may get stuck with asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, body heaviness, migraines, indigestion, allergic skin and respiratory conditions. Therefore, after 50 one needs to overhaul his/her body with the help of Naturopathy regularly to maintain good health and harmony with nature.

The line of treatment remains same for various ailments across the world so far as there are standard operating procedures as laid down in ancient texts however; the same treatment yields different results when applied at different locations (Desha).

Concept of Desh (Location)

According to Ayurveda, Desh is a specific geographical pattern with specific soil pattern, climate & flora-fauna. Prakriti is influenced by external environmental factors (desh) and therefore Desh has direct influence on the effectiveness of the treatment & hence many diseases are not easily curable amidst best medical facilities in Jangal & Anup Desh. Desh (Location) affect the level of doshas in human body.

Ayurveda has classified 3 types of desh i.e. Jangal, Anoop & Sadharan.

Jangal desh is a desert or semi desert arid land with less rainfall, less vegetation and blowing wind. This type of land is in deserts, like Bikaner, Jaisalmer in India and Arab countries. This desh has Vata-Pitta dominance.

Anup Desh is a coastal or highly humid forestation area like rain forests or beaches with hot & humid climate, with plenty of plants of all variety, variety of animals & birds, high rainfall, wide rivers or sea. Assam, Bay of Bengal and all coastal area form Anup Desh.  Anup desh is Kapha bhahulya desh. So kapha-Vata  Dosha dushti is seen. Mandagni is predominant in this place.

Sadharan Desh is combination of these two types which is said to be excellent habitat for people.  Sadharan is combination of Jangal & Aanoop desha, which is said to be excellent habitat for people. People residing in this desh are healthy and strong. Sadharan desh or land has all the factors in equilibrium. Thus all three humors of body like Vata, Pitta and Kapha remain in equilibrium. This land has weathers like summer, rains, winter and autmn.

Desh is important factor in the treatment both for external therapy and internal medication therefore, Nimba Nature Cure Village being located in Sadharan Desh, the treatment and internal medication including diet responds to your body faster than the same treatment undergone in other places.

Wellness tourists looking for natural treatment should also consider Desh (Location) apart from other parameters.  Treatment at Sadharan Desh normally responds fast which results in early recovery and regain of health.

How to Reach :

NIMBA – Nature Cure Village

Village: Baliyasan Ahmedabad – Mehsana Expressway
Mehsana, Gujarat, India. 382 711


Contact : +912762283313 / 283314

Cell No : 918347313333

By Train :

40 kms from Ahmedabad Railway Station.

18 kms from Mehsana Railway Station.

By Road :

35 kms from the Capital of Gujarat- Gandhinagar.

40 kms from Ahmedabad.

10 kms from Mehsana on NH 10.

By Air :

50 kms away from Ahmedabad Airport.

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Getting Well at Nimba Nature Cure : Wellness Vacation

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