Non-Veg Delights at Kbob’s. A Taste of Walled City.

Imagine you want to sink your teeth on Meaty delights of walled city of Ahmedabad but scared of visit due to dense population, pollution and lack of Hygiene? Don’t be disheartened. Western part of Ahmedabad has now several eateries serving Non-Veg delicacies cooked under Muglai & Rajputana protocol.  Kbob’s is one such simple ultra-clean place having comfortable sitting where you can get all the delicacies of walled city that you crave for.

It was a pleasant evening of 14th of October 2017 , we decided to have a  conversation with food at Kbob’s. The À la carte menu seems to be carefully crafted by Mr. Rohit Khanna with the finest selection of Vegetarian and non-vegetarian North Indian Dishes. With so many varieties of Fish, Chicken & Mutton to pick from, we decide to go for Assorted Starter, Rajasthani Lal Maans, Chicken Bhuna &  Fish Tikka.

assorted starter 4 @ kbob's Ahmedabad

The conversation started with an assorted starter consisting of fish tikka, chicken tikka, chicken kebab & Shikari Legs with a zing of Cola,  Fish Tikka was awesome. Marinated with minimal Indian spices,  This steaming fish tikka was so delicious that we ordered it again. The chunks of chicken in Chicken tikka were fresh, soft & smooth. Shikari Legs is one of the hot selling dish of KBOB’s.  Perfectly marinated with the right balance of Indian Spices.  However, Chicken Kebab was not properly cooked.  It was difficult to eat in absence of adequate usage of binders.

assorted starter 5 @ kbob's AhmedabadThen came the main course served with Rajasthani Lal Maans & Chicken Bhuna accompanied with tandoori roti. 

Rajasthani Lal Maans is a fiery dish of deserted terrains of Rajasthan where meat is prepared with limited spices which includes Red Chillies, Onions & Garlic.  Majority of the dishes of Rajputana makes a heavy use of Red Chillies, Onions & Garlic so are red in color.  So the story that the name “Lal Maans” is coined due to generous use of Mathania Chillies does not seem to be  convincing.  Another story of “Lal Maans” is that the cooks mostly from the region of Kutch who used to suffix “Laal” with their names invented this recipe so the royals honored them with naming it as “Laal Maans”.  This is also not convincing as the migratory pattern of western India is from Rajasthan to Kutch to Saurashtra.   Another version seems to be convincing that upon the advent of English rule in Rajasthan where Meat including lamb meat was known as “Red Meat” in English, locals would have then translated it to “Laal Maans” . 

butter chicken @ Kbob's Ahmedabad

However, it is difficult to reach to any conclusion with respect to its origin in absence of any historical evidence.

Coming back to Rajasthani Lal Maans at Kbob’s, the mutton pieces were extremely soft & submissive.  Curry was appreciably medium spicy considering the local taste. Meat was tended well and made us feel like eating more despite first round of heavy starters.  

mutton bhuna1 @kbob's AhmedabadChicken bhuna was aromatic and pleasantly lighter with adequate curry  which can go well with roti or rice. A generous portion of fresh soft chicken pieces lying in an addictive finger licking gravy was delicious.  

Then after two days i.e. on 16th of October, 2017 one of my colleague expressed his wish to go for a lunch.  Trusting my recommendation – as always, he was convinced to visit Kbob’s to try their Unlimited King’s Lunch Non-veg.

It kickstarted with Mocktail served with round slice of lemon which was super refreshing following Starters containing delicious chicken tikka, mutton sheikh kebab & fish tikka.  Chicken & Fish tikka was delicious as previously described but Kebab was not properly cooked this time also.

starter platter @ Kbob's Ahmedabad

Shifting to Main Course, we were served Dhaba Chicken, Mutton Bhuna & Fish Amritsari all delicious with flavors amplified with Indian Spices widely used in Northern Part of India. These juicy and tender Chicken & Mutton will definitely please meat lovers.

mutton bhuna1 @kbob's Ahmedabad

Verdict :

Kbob’s is a good place for relishing Non-Veg food prepared in North Indian Style.  They offer tremendously delicious and mouth watering foods at very reasonable price.  Nice place to celebrate food with friends.

Where : 

Kbob’s Restaurant

101, Shilp Square,

Opp.  Himalaya Mall, Gurukul, Ahmedabad.

Tel : 079-40081999/ 40092320

Map : 

Cleanliness : Kbob’s Proudly supports Swatch Bharat Abhiyan.

Kbob’s Unlimited King’s Lunch Non-Veg @ Rs.450 + Taxes.
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Non-Veg Delights at Kbob’s. A Taste of Walled City.

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