Pabrai Natural Ice Cream : Exotic Flavors to try this summer.

Although the temperature is breaking all records outside and sun burns your skin, all you want to do is to slurp bowlful of Fresh & Natural Ice Cream at Pabrai’s.  This new parlor hardly one year old is attracting lot of regular customers fond of natural and tasteful flavors at Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturalle Ice Cream.

It is common that when it comes to picking your favorite flavor, you can’t look beyond regular BPK, chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry & black Currant.  And thus, your tongue gets coated in predictable tastes year after year.

But believe me, this season, you will sure get lot of opportunity to treat your taste buds with totally different flavors and that too made with 100% Natural Ingredients at Pubrai’s Fresh & Naturalle Ice Cream. At Chinmay Tower, Vastrapur Lake, Satellite, Ahmedabad with relaxing ambiance and rightful respite.


While you will also get traditional flavors of vanilla, Choco-Chips, strawberry & Black Current, it also has hoards of unusual options like Nalen Gur, Lemon Grass, Musk Melon, Pan Flavor, Damascus Rose, Water Melon, pure sandalwood & lot more.

Lemon Grass Natural Ice Cream :

This smooth and creamy ice cream combines the exotic flavor of lemon grass with the familiar texture and sweetness of ice cream.  It was absolutely delicious, so smooth and full of flavor.

Lemon grass flavored natural ice cream

Paan Flavor Natural Ice Cream :

Indians are used to relish on paan after special meals.  When you slurp Paan Flavor Natural Ice Cream at Pubrai’s, it gives exactly the feeling like you are eating paan containing gulkand and other ingredients. It seems Pabrai has excelled the most challenging recipe till date because there are 35 different types of betel leaves and each tastes different. As many as 17 ingredients go into making a paan, and the Kolkata meetha paan has a blend of flavour and sweetness. Firstly, a concoction of the ingredients and add it to the paan ice cream. They also use herbs like Mulethi & gulkand is made in-house.

paan flavored natural ice cream

Nolen Gur Natural Ice Cream :

The highest selling flavor of Pabrai, Nolen Gur is a signature Ice Cream of Pubrai which will trigger your childhood memories if you belong to West Bengal. Nolen Gur is a aromatic jaggery made from date palm.This amazing flavor of Pubrai incorporates the traditional Bengali flavours of Sandesh in a rich ice cream. when Hillary Clinton visited India in 2012, she fell in love with the nolen gur flavour. She was staying at the Taj and had just the ice cream for dinner,” a must try flavor for non-Bengali too.

nalen gur natural ice cream

Musk Melon Natural Ice Cream :

Musky Aroma & Creamy Texture of Musk Melon Natural Ice Cream is mind blowing. Musk Melon comes with health benefits like immunity builder and manages blood pressure.  So apart from its aroma, it helps you to maintain health too. You can savor this slightly sweet blended with velvety layers of ice cream.

musk melon natural ice cream

On our visit , we tried a spoon of  just about everything, wherein each and every bite is bound to cleanse your palette with the richness of the natural flavors it had to offer, easy to fall in love with.

pabrai natural ice cream in vastrapur

President of India Pranab Mukerjee, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli are said to have their own favourite Pabrai’s.

People at Pubrai encourages customers to do at least 10 tastings before selecting a flavour. Surprisingly they even ask them to smell it because each flavour has a distinct aroma.

Pabrai’s franchisee parlor in Ahmedabad is being run by the city’s own female entrepreneurs, Purvi Kotak and Panam Patel. The outlet is spread over 800 sq ft with air conditioned seating capacity of 32 people.

Address : 

Shop 2, Ground Floor,

Chinmay Crystal Tower,

Opposite Vastrapur Lake,

Vastrapur, Ahmedabad-380015

Telephone :

079 30920607 / 7043111480 (Panam Patel) / 9903888441 (Kunal)

Timings : 12:00 Hrs to 1 p.m all days of the week.

Directions :

Pabrai’s Natural Ice Cream Menu :

pabrai natural ice cream menu


pabrai natural ice cream ahmedabad

Sitting Arrangements at Pabrai’s Ahmedabad.

nishant kunal and anuvrat pubrai

Three Musketeers of Pabrai : Nishant, Kunal & Anuvrat Pabrai.
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Pabrai Natural Ice Cream : Exotic Flavors to try this summer.

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