Did you tried Healthy Packed Lunch of Aura Foods? Low Fat Low Carb Food.

When it comes to Packed Lunch in Gujarat, you may conjure up thoughts of heavy oil laden dishes and added sugar to almost every food.  But believe me Aura Foods cooks their food with minimal spices & oil and does not add sugar in food.

Packed Lunch veg pulao by aura foods

Today I was supplied Packed lunch by Aura Foods.  This Hygienically packed lunch was containing Dudhi Paratha, Onion Rice, Paneer Capsicum Sabji, Peanuts-Cabbage Salad , Green Peas Mayonnaise sauce Salad & Chutney.  First thing I liked in a lunch was a soft & feathery Dudhi Paratha made from pure wheat flour & added spices.  Normally, when it comes to packed lunch, the paratha or roti made from Maida Flour becomes hard to chew & digest.  But dudhi paratha which was delivered to me at 11:00 am and consumed by me at 01:30 pm was very soft & tasty.  Paneer Capsicum subji having deliciously sweet riot of flavors due to use of pure exotic Spices was awesome.  It was sufficiently cooked to make paneer tender & capsicum crispy preserving the nutritional value of green (shallow fried). Onion Rice was less spicy preferably they want me to try rice with Phudina Chutney sufficiently supplied.

This Packed Lunch was  served with 2 types of salad One Peanut-Cabbage and another Green Peas dipped in Mayonnaise Sauce was very tasty & satisfying.

Plus and minus : The food is straightforward, undemanding and much lighter.  You feel fullness yet do not get drowsy- that’s the proof that you have eaten healthy food containing less calories. The Portion of Salad, Subzi & Chutney are sufficient. Phudina Chutney was short of salt. I was told that entire Lunch contains squarely 500 calories & contains healthy mix of Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates & fibres.  The lunch also contains perfect match of Green & Dry to maintain our daily nutritional needs. The portions are extremely generous and the flavour has a mild aroma, in addition to all the spice that is very attractive indeed.

The Verdict : Fresh ingredients with a lot of love put into by first Generation entrepreneurs Miss Meena Mahedu & Ritu Shah a renowned Dietician of Ahmedabad – your taste buds will sing with this Packed Lunch.

If you wanna try it out…you may contact Aura Foods on 9925063206 ; 9638471021. You can also reach them on email :

Pcked Lunch wheat dalia by aura foods

Packed Lunch dhokla by aura foods

Packed Lunch black chana veg apple raita by aura foods






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Did you tried Healthy Packed Lunch of Aura Foods? Low Fat Low Carb Food.

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