Rajasthani Food at Aslali, Ahmedabad @Rs.50/-

Finding authentic food requires little exploration & a touch of daring. Today while travelling to Aslali (Outskirts of Ahmedabad towards Nadiad Highway), “Rajasthani Bhojayalay Dhaba” attracted me to visit this place. I was curious to know what is served in Rs.50/-. Looking to customers mostly drivers I was damn sure that the food will not disappoint me. I ordered for “Rajasthani Special Thali”. I was served 2 vegetables, one dal, rice (lightly sautéed), Freshly prepared Rotis (Prepared from whole wheat flour) and that too unlimited. They mostly caters the appetite of truck drivers who ply on this road.

rajathani thali in ahmedabad

Operated from a very small place by two brothers Chaganbhai & Sureshbhai both from Jhalore District of Rajasthan has employed 4 workers from Udaipur District. Food is very tasty. Service is seamless. Sureshbhai Keeps eye on every customers & sense what is required to be served. I was surprised how they can manage to offer such a good quality homely taste food at such a low price. They also serve Dal Bati which is also priced at Rs.50/- unlimited. Baatis are deep fried.

satyen gadhvi with suresh owner of rajasthani food dhaba at aslali ahmedabad

aloo palak vegetable in rajsthani thali ahmedabad rice in rajasthani thali aslali ahmedabad
Food is such that it will surely satisfy you to the core. Dont think of ambiance once you are here otherwise you will miss out this place. Hey, foodies, visit this place and motivate this young man of Rajasthan. I guarantee, it won’t disappoint you.

Location : Shreenath Transport Nagar, Opp. Bharat Petroleum, SP Ring Road Crossing at Aslali, Ahmedabad. You can contact Sureshbhai on 8460071402 if you find difficulty in locating.

Timings : 11:30 am to 11:00 pm all days.

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Rajasthani Food at Aslali, Ahmedabad @Rs.50/-

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